The Tommy Edison Experience

Episode 37 - Not A Clip Show

Episode Summary

Topics: Introduction • Watch The Podcast on YouTube & Twitch • New Sound Clips For The Show • The Sopranos Debuted 21 Years Ago Today • When Tommy Interviewed Joe Pantoliano From The Sopranos • Tommy's Favorite Characters In The Sopranos • Blind Grappler Wins Combat Jiu-Jitsu Super Fight • 28:55 • When Tommy Went To The Batting Cages • SuperChat • Has Tommy Ever Tried Yoga or Dancing? • Can of Questions • Which Famous Landmark or Object Would You Like To Touch? • What Are You Drinking During The Podcast? • SuperChat • Would Tommy Ever Try Skydiving? • Follow Tommy on Gab & Parler Social Media Platforms • Rumors About A Potential Media Blackout • Pirate TV Station Disrupts A Broadcast of "Doctor Who" on WTTW in 1987 • Patreon • And More!