The Tommy Edison Experience

Episode 41 - The King

Episode Summary

Topics: Introduction • Important Announcement About The Podcast • Remembering Radio & Television Legend Larry King • Larry King Known For Taking Unscreened Phoned Calls • Larry King Interviews Robert Blake About The Murder of Bonnie Lee Bakley • Don Rickles Cracks Up Larry King • Larry King And Paula Adbul Have An Interesting Exchange • Larry King's Final Show on CNN • Can of Questions • If Someone's Born Blind and Deaf, What Language Do They Think In? • Does Tommy Ever Read The Comments In The Live Chat? • SuperChats • Deaf Woman Guess What Things Sound Like • Follow Up Re: Tom Selleck • What Tom Selleck Sounds Like In France • What Tony Danza Sounds Like In France • New Eye Surgery That Could Benefit Millions of People • And More! Sign up to Patreon for Weekly Videos & Access To The Episode Archives