The Tommy Edison Experience

Episode 42 - Ice Wall

Episode Summary

Topics: Introduction • Why There Won't Be Any Live Podcast Shows Next Week • Why We're Multi-Streaming The Podcast • Ice Maze Made Out of 500,000 Pounds of Ice • Has Tommy Ever Touched An Ice Sculpture? • UPS Driver Rescues Wheelchair-Bound Woman Stuck On Train Tracks • SuperChats • What Is The Most Common Item You Forget Placing Around The House? • What's Tommy's Opinion About The Movie "Pirate Radio"? • 31:40 • Welcoming New Patreon Members • Can of Questions • Have You Ever Experienced Something Paranormal? • Why Is There A Blind Dude Doing Movie Interviews with Joe Pantoliano? • Why Do People Give You Pictures & Books As Gifts? • Guess What's In The Airbnb - Final Round • And More! Sign up to Patreon for Weekly Bonus Videos & Access To The Episode Archives Join The Facebook Group