The Tommy Edison Experience

Episode 43 - New Studios

Episode Summary

Topics: New Studios Are Finally Set Up • Closer Look At Ben's Studio and The Cart Machine (Sound Effects, The Radio Trip, EBS Test) • How Does A Blind Person Describe Valentine’s Day? • Blind Climber Erik Weihenmayer in the Super Bowl 'Guaranteed Rate' TV Commercial • Super Chat • Can of Questions • If Someone Shined A Bright Colored Light In Your Eyes, Could You See The Color? • Are You Scared of Dying? • Is Tommy The Blind Singer (Jeff Healey) From The Movie Roadhouse? • Past Episodes Are Now Available Commercial-Free On Patreon • A Look At "Behind-The-Sounds" on Patreon & JuneBug's Sound Clip • What Are The Unique Sounds That Define A Home? • And More!