The Tommy Edison Experience

Episode 44 - Bumpy Fridge

Episode Summary

Topics: Introduction • How Tommy Made His Refrigerator & Other Appliances Accessible For A Blind Person? • Surprise Visit • Tommy Almost Got This Kind of Tattoo • What Other Things Need Braille Labels? • A Tribute To Rush Limbaugh's Career In Radio • 16-Year Old Brazilian Ballerina Who Was Born Without Arms • Can of Questions • Do You Notice If Your Hearing Is Affected When You've Been Drinking Like A Sighted Person's Vision May Be Distorted? • What Would Happen If Someone Forced Tommy's Eyes Open? • How Do You Experience Sunlight? • New Documentary About Biggie Smalls Coming To Netflix • Recommendation: 'Biggie & Tupac' Documentary From 2002 Directed by Nick Broomfield • From The Record Collection: Dick Clark's National Music Survey Radio Show • SuperChat • What's Tommy's Favorite Sound? • And More!