The Tommy Edison Experience

Episode 49 - Live On Tape

Episode Summary

Topics: Introduction • Patreon-only Live Stream Coming Up • How Daylight Saving Time in Arizona Is Different From The Rest of the United States • A Tribute To The Inventor of the Compact Cassette, Lou Ottens • Lou Ottens Featured In The Trailer For "Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape" • Retro TV Commercials About The Compact Cassette • Tommy Demonstrates A Vintage Technics RS-M205 Cassette Player/Recorder • How A Blind Person Benefits From The Tactile Experience of Older Technology • Netflix Cracking Down on Password-Sharing • Can of Questions • Is It Difficult For A Blind Person To Guess Someone's Feelings From The Tone of Their Voice? • Can A Blind Person Understand Someone By Touching Their Face? • Is It Painful When A Blind Person Gets Dirt Stuck In Their Eye? • What Do You Think Might Surprise Or Shock You The Most If You Could Suddenly See? • The Washing Machine That Comes With Braille (From June in the Facebook Group) • "Mask Up America" Ad Features Movie Clips With Masked Characters • Elton John & Paula Abdul's Diet Coke TV Commercials Featuring Classic Movie Stars • And More!