The Tommy Edison Experience

Episode 50 - Gold

Episode Summary

Topics: Welcome To The 50th Episode • Sign Up For Our Special Patreon-Only Live Show Next Week • What's "50" In Pop Culture? • SuperChat • President Joe Biden's Fall With Sound Effects Added • Tommy's Story About Falling Down Stairs • SuperChats • If Tommy Could Change A Moment In His Past, What Is It and Would He Do it? • How Ikea's New Audio Catalog Works For Blind People • Zoom Escaper: Tool To Escape Zoom Meetings • SuperChat • What's Your Worst Restaurant Experience? • Tommy's Breakdown At The Airport • SuperChat • What's The Most Annoying Thing That Sighted People Do? • Facebook Group Questions • Is Tommy Edison and Ben Churchill on Clubhouse? • Does Tommy Know About The Braille Screen Input on the iPhone? (Video by Living Blind with Cory Jackson) • The Gruffalo Scent Kit Brings Story To Life For The Visually Impaired • Tommy's Experience Taking School Photos As A Child • And More!