The Tommy Edison Experience

Episode 52 - Blind Film Critic

Episode Summary

Topics: Introduction • 10th Anniversary of the Blind Film Critic Movie Reviews • Sign Up To Patreon This Month To Get A Free Blind Film Critic Sticker • Another Upcoming Patreon-only Live Stream This Month • Watching Tommy's First Blind Film Critic Review of Scream 4 • What Factors Does Tommy Consider When Giving a Film A Rating? • When Pop Music Is Used In Film / Movie Soundtracks • Watching The Unedited Raw Footage from the First Movie Review • Local News Stations In Connecticut Reported on the Blind Film Critic Videos • SuperChats • "Blind Drive" Video Game Puts You In The Driver's Seat Blindfolded • Prince's New Album "Welcome 2 America" & The Museum at Paisley Park • How Do Blind People Interact with Museums • Can of Questions • What Happens When A Blind Person Looks At The Sun • SuperChat • Has Tommy Ever Listened To 8D Audio • What Color Do Blind People See? • Was The Blind Film Critic YouTube Channel De-Monetized? • The Return of Kate • Watching Tommy's Review of One of His Lowest Rated Movies - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides • Welcoming The Newest Patrons • Patreon Question • What Does Tommy Think The Cream Filling in a Twinkie Looks Like Without The Cake? • And More!