The Tommy Edison Experience

Episode 53 - The Noise of Art

Episode Summary

Topics: Introduction • Should Tommy Cut His Hair Short or Keep It Long? • May The 4th a.k.a. Star Wars Day Is Coming Up • Is The Star Wars Radio Drama Easier To Follow Than The Film For A Blind Person? • Sound Sculptures At Museums Offer A Different Experience For Blind People • Super Chats • Are You Able To Enjoy Movies With Mostly Music and Visuals like Natural Born Killers, Kill Bill, and Dazed & Confused? • International Guide Dog Day • How Do Guide Dogs Handle Large Crowds and Loud Parties? • How Do Blind Animals Do Things? • Blind Dog Plays Fetch • Can of Questions • Is It Easier For You To Learn The 'Coin Roll Over The Knuckles' Trick? • Would Lasik Surgery Work For Tommy? • If Someone Sees You're About To Bump Into Something, Would You Be Okay With A Stranger Touching You? • Facebook Plans To Launch Audio Products To Compete With Clubhouse • Live Stream Shut Down On YouTube • Can of Questions • How Would You Describe A Castle? • Are Blind People Good At Jigsaw Puzzles? • Episode 53 Continues • Can of Questions • How Does Tommy Know That The Comment Section Is Below A YouTube Video? • Super Chat • Wintergatan's Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles) • What Should Tommy Build In His New Workshop? • Tommy Tests Out The Workbench With A Hammer • Tommy Reacts To The "Breathing The Heaviest Non Toxic Gas" Video • Super Chats • What Is Tommy's Understanding of Virtual Reality or a VR Headset? • Can Tommy Speak Any Languages Other Than English? • New Patrons Welcome • Patron Question: Is What We Perceive Reality Or A Construct Of Our Minds? • Wrap Up